Monday, March 30, 2009

I married my mom!

one more from Thursday March 26:
doggie day: the dogs went to the spa today and came home looking cute, smelling great, and very relaxed

Friday March 27:
shot in the leg: the babies got their LAST Synagis shots today, one in each leg. lots of screaming, but its over now

almost over: RSV aka hibernation season

so darn cute: the babies in dresses found in the stash from their cousins. H in navy blue velvet with white collar, N in knit turquoise/green/brown stripes, E in green cord skirt and sweater.

ends well that starts gross: big H vomited in the car (first time for the car) but ended up feeling just great for the rest of the weekend

yummy: family Shabbat dinner

always great to be with: my brother Josh, Aunt Janis, Grammy

Saturday March 28:
auf ruf: here we go...

Torah Torah Torah: during the kriyah Haley asked me to point at where we were, she followed my finger and chanted along. kind of a layning niggun, but oh so adorable for this seven year old blondie

children's service: Haley wanted to go, sat right in the front, and went up to lead most of the service. she knows her davenning.

flashback: looked at Bat Mitzvah class photos of myself and my sister, reminder of bad hair style past (when I got a Dorothy Hamill instead of the feather I asked for!)

bad hair present: growing increasingly frustrated with my so-so haircut from Wednesday, I took matters into my own hands post-Shabbat

new career?: I took a razor blade and channeled Shane, my hair is much improved, actually looks great, woo hoo!

Shabbos nap: I took a long nap on mom's couch for the first time since before I was pregnat

Daddy day:
Jeff was with our triplets ALL day, while Haley and I were at shul and then at mom/savta's house for the day

ahhhhhh: did I mention that I fell asleep and slept for hours interrupted mid-day?

Sunday March 29:
what's that?: N's SECOND tooth! just days after her first tooth appeared

shehecheyanu: wore my new pearl necklace for the first time, thanks husband for my beautiful gift

siman tov u'mazal tov: to mom and her new husband and their myriad of children and grandchildren

vision in white: all the granddaughters in their poofy cream dresses

sameah t'samach: what a joy to see this happiness, a new beginning

unique: to be a daughter officiating at her mother's wedding

beautiful: mom's friends made a gorgeous wedding

couldn't have done it without: Talia, yeah!, who spent the entire day with us

I love: my husband & my girls

Thursday, March 26, 2009

catching up again

Saturday March 14:
bnot: M & E bnot mitzvah, so sweet

ascending: celebrated big H's birthday publicly, the whole congregation sang to her

Tuesday March 17:
wonder bra: I found a fantastic undergarment today, not a bra but a leotard slimming thing, from now on I will not leave home without it

Wednesday March 18:

miracle dress: I bought a dress today for the wedding, not only did I avoid plus sizes, but I got a size 8, say what?

and yet: I am still wearing L maternity jeans

shiny shoes: found some cute patent flats, needed to find my size and color online, black & white & red in the mail

shopping injury: this smile is one of those "just figures" and "funny story" smiles, but ouch!

hot heels hurt: I didn't fall, didn't trip, didn't twist, just got a mysterious pull and pain from walking around the store in heels (that were supposed to be comfortable)

Oy!: I was profiled on a blog today, the feedback is really nice

work: starting to feel like I could still be a professional

Friday March 20:
chocolate delivery: thanks Diane

say what: Husband came home with a gift of jewelry for me

surprise: it is beautiful

Saturday March 21:
look Ma, no hands: baby H has mastered sitting with her arms propped, and now she can free both hands for playing with and clanging toys

doggie maid: the girls played with (and ate) brown rice for the first time, called in the dogs for clean up

Sunday March 22:
a day's work: I made the ketubah today for my mom's wedding next week

next: baby N just moved 2 knees for her first crawl!

home alone: I was home alone for the first time ever in our new place... for a whopping hour...but it was a nice groove

Monday March 23:
standing in: baby N only wants to stand now, but her legs don't want to cooperate for very long

helper of the day: Sade

new food!: yogurt

stinky: the above food produced putrid poop

new tricks: baby H is now rolling around in her crib, found her post-nap on her belly
conversations: baby H has the cutest conversations with herself, her feet and her Eema

Wednesday March 25:
allegedly: N crawled tonight and E stood by herself (reported by Abba)

imbalance: today I spent more time out of the house, than at home

surprise: I missed my babies

girls: ladies night in honor of the Kallah, sushi of course

quality time: with Abby

new food: babies munched on brown rice crackers, first hard crunchy food

Thursday March 26:
major break through: baby N has her first tooth!!!! after weeks and weeks of being miserable

rock n'roll: baby H is on all fours rocking, only days after N started to do it

rhythm: N loves making a clicking sound with her mouth

always happy to see: Haley

Monday, March 9, 2009


precious: E fell asleep in bouncy seat with bottle, I picked her up and started feeding her in her sleep, after a few ounces she was a sleeping angel, I sat her up to burp her and watched the serenity on her face, suddenly I heard a loud belch, followed by opening eyes, then a mouth smiling, she finished the bottle and kept smiling

costume: maternity dress with a beach ball underneath, sign on the tummy that says "8 more!" and on the chest that says "3 is a hazaka, 8 is enough", got LOTS of laughs

sweet: big H wore her footie PJs and clipped on a pacifier

fun: to go out and see friends and celebrate and get dressed up and be silly

tooth tally: add one for E!, H-2, E-2, N-0

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sunday March 8:

tricked ya, not!: baby N couldn't care less about Daylight Savings time, 6:00 am wake up (7:00 with clock change)

look at me: E pulled herself to standing in her crib, thankfully we had already lowered it

baby steps: when getting up this morning, my abs were strong enough that I just sat straight up from laying on my back!, no rolling to the side and pushing up with the arms, hope?

sharpening her teeth:
on the crib, E is - her 1 tooth

standing in the crib
: E is

climb & dive:
E climbed into the bouncy seat and was perched to dive off the high end

new territory:
E crawled all the way to our bedroom, she usually goes the other way, to the kitchen

new heights: E spent a good deal of time in the high chair, while I loaded the dishwasher with bottles and ate my lunch

play pen: after a nice nap, H & N sat together playing in H's crib

independence day: E fed herself an entire bottle!!!!!!!!!! in a bouncy seat, she held it, with a tiny bit of propping by a stuffed animal

remember that book: titled "Everyone Poops"? this afternoon we gave new meaning to "everyone poops", maybe our book should be called "Poop here, poop there, poop is really everywhere!"

math problem: N had one more bottle today than she usually does. Each of the bottles had the same volume as her daily bottles do (8.5-10 oz). How much can one baby guzzle in one day?

outcome, no problem: what happens when N eats an extra 9-10 oz? she is HAPPY! she was so content today and played so nicely tonight.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

past week's list

Friday February 27:
yum: quick 5 minute meal prep turned out to be a good Shabbat meal, pineapple chicken & rice

Saturday Feb 28:
good decision: Haley decided to skip/postpone her play date so she could have lunch with her cousins, I'm so proud of her!

proud again: the report from the play date is that Haley was a fantastic guest and helped clean up

role modeling: she learned that last week from cousin E, who helped Haley clean her room

quality: girls night in, 5 of us, real conversation, laughs, smiles, stories, tears. refreshing depth, quality women

Sunday March 1:
like riding a bicycle: I led an event today, earned some $$$, realized that I CAN still pull it off, speak clearly, inspire, teach, adapt, facilitate etc. if I wasn't so tired with a huge headache I would have a big smile

I earned it: husband cooked dinner tonight, hamburgers to replace some lost iron

the count: one more tooth!, from H1, E1, N0 to H2!, E1, N0

Monday March 2:
9 month check up: and every one got a good report

stats: H weighs 18 lb 6.9 oz - 75% adjusted, height 26.1 in - 25% adjusted, N weighs 18 lb 5.1 oz - 50-75% adjusted, height ?, E weighs 16 lb 6.4 oz - 25-50% adjusted, height 25.98 in -25050% adjusted

helper of the day: savta, for coming to the dr. with us, she cried when they were screaming from their shots and blood draw

another helper, still coming weekly: Sade, what a help!

Tuesday March 3:

Sai: dinner to celebrate Haley's birthday, with Abby and E & N, plus Talia stayed late to help and come with us, yum, fun
Sheheheyanu: first time the whole family went out to eat!

Wednesday March 4:
another shehehayanu: while at Carrie's house, Betzalel rolled over for the first time!, from tummy to back three times, whoo hoo!

bewildered smile: sitting with one baby while Darlene, Carrie's baby fed another and the third was having tummy time, I felt overwhelmed, "there are three babies here", I thought, so funny I understood how people feel when entering our home, though I don't feel it with my children

Thursday March 5:
it is over: husband has sinus surgery, all went well thank God
thank you: mom for sleeping over last night and taking care of the babies today

always happy to see: Stacey, who flew in to help out with the babies while I'm playing nurse to husband

Friday March 6:
growing up so quickly: E held her bottle for the first time
almost there: have a feeling that N will sprout a tooth soon
let the sun shine in: beautiful, sunny, warm day and I enjoyed it while escorting husband to the doctor, then for a bonus lunch out together
thank you: Aunt Stacey!

thank you even more: for giving every one much needed baths
more moments in the sun: little trip to make an exchange, my cash for a used but hard-to-find choo choo wagon

oh so big: N hung out in the stokke trip trapp while I prepared dinner, what a big girl in her chair!
Shabbat Shalom: candles glowing, the most easy yummy meal (blsl chicken breast w/bbq sauce, rice and hummus), with special guest Stacey

Saturday March 7:

Happy Birthday: to Haley who is now 7! (and enjoying an extravagant birthday weekend swimming with the dolphins in Orlando

really: E has graduated from crawling-inching to more basic crawling, she moves so fast

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

catching up!

Wed Feb 11:
good grades: NICU follow up, everyone is doing well

hysterical: H is laying on her back, E crawls up to her and puts one hand flat on H's chest, the other quickly goes to H's face. I look at E and say "no", she is squeezing E's cheek and near her eye. I get up from feeding N and plan to remove E's hand when I see that H is smiling! Then E propels herself over H and dives over her body. no crying, no screaming!

Tues Feb 17:
generational girls night: dinner with Grammy, Mom, sister and nieces

adorable: nieces were dancing ALL night to Cinderella

yummy: burgers and fries

Thurs Feb 19:
always happy to see: my sister and her family

bonus: my little niece E decided to stay when her mommy had to leave

we did what?: Auntie HAHA and niece E baked cookies

Fri Feb 20:
always happy to see: Julie Ann, who shopped at Kosher Jewel for us, brought Chipotle for lunch, and spent the day hanging out with me and helping with the babies

funniest moment ever: an older Indian woman came for a babysitting interview, I introduced her to each baby in separate conversations, so she could hear each name several times before learning a new one. I know the Hebrew names are challenging for English speakers, and I guessed they would also be for native Hindi speakers. Later, baby H was wiggling her tushy. I looked at her and said "what a cute tushy, I love my little tushy!". The woman responded "So, this one is Tushy?".

biggest laugh ever: some one I know called me as she was driving home and her mother-in-law was there waiting for a weekend visit. she interuppted the conversation to tell me "I just pulled over so I don't have to go home yet"

mitzvah maker of the day: Diane, for making a delicious Shabbat dinner for us

Mon Feb 23:
model day: the girls earned their first pay check today, by modeling for a nipple cream ad, lol. the concept was that the mom (so young and thin) was so relieved she could carry both twins in a carrier after her severely cracked nipples finally healed. all were clothed.

fair play: every one got her turn, H & N posed for the "twin" shots, then E took over for shots of "mom" and just one baby

Saba would be happy: if he would ever recognize that the tops the girls were wearing were a gift from him

Shehechayanu: first time ever these girls wore jeans!

thank God for: Sara

Tues Feb 24:
ahhhhhhh: first date night in a month, delicious toasty dinner at Kaze, fantastic sushi, delicious dessert, handsome date

Wed Feb 25:
rabbi cousin: newly ordained cousin Jordy came to visit and meet the trio for the first time, we're happy that he and his family are living nearby now even if his rabbi schedule and our triplet hibernation mean that we rarely get to get together

Yes I did: didn't think I'd make it but I completed 15 minutes on the stationary cycle at PT

Thurs Feb 26:

circle time: everyone can sit now, even H is sitting straight up all by herself! today we sat in a circle and shared a bowl of homemade pureed apples, yummy

tooth time: E cut her first tooth today, H is already ahead of her, poor N has been miserable teething but has nothing to show for it yet

balls: today we added another colorful plastic toy to the mix, Polar Bear sit-to-crawl, Hanukah gift from Neil & Stacey, 4 balls to chase now in addition to the 3 babes

big sister: loves the baby toys more than the babies do

Monday, February 9, 2009

weekly list

Mon Feb 2:
cookie monster: how my cousin Jay used to make me laugh when I was little, he came over yesterday for a visit while he's in town and met the girls

first tooth!: little H has her first tooth, the edge popped out yesterday, and she was in such a great mood

squeak: little N figured out how to make the sqeaker on the gym mat make noise, we'll see if she can do it again today

mom's play date: I invited someone over for pizza and tv, someone I've known for a long time but we're becoming friends now

Tues Feb 3:
first laugh: N is laughing!

first dive: little E dove over my leg, no crying

loves to hear the sound of her own voice, even at 3 am: little H, someone taught her how to vocalize

mid-afternoon: nap for all four of us
80: the number of jets that massaged me underwater tonight

Wed Feb 4:
always happy to see: Sara for my Wednesday respite

gettin my groove back: started physical therapy today, "wake up" abdominals, "wake up!"

field trip: gathered up the girls for a visit to Grammy D, their great grandmother

shlep factor: 10

simcha factor: 10

Thurs Feb 5:
out again: I left the house for the third day in a row!

even more suprising: I showered today and it wasn't the first one of the week!

efficiency: being a triplet mom makes me super smart with time, had a meeting for an upcoming event and banged the plans out in less than 10 minutes

Mon Feb 9:
rollin rollin rollin: first time H rolled from back to tummy

rockin rockin rockin: first time N got up on knees, she is rocking back and forth

climbin climbin climbin: E climbing over, under and through everything, she nearly climbed up and into a bouncy seat today

always happy to see: Stacy, who stayed with the babies today for an hour so I could go to PT